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This program is veteran and first responder-focused. We have created an intense agricultural therapy program which allows those struggling with mental health, PTSD, and other job related traumas to find healing through working with the land.

For those wishing to do more: A portion of the property is to be set up for aspiring farmers to begin their start up with business planning and support. Our project provides new farmers with land, technical assistance, and resources they need to establish their own successful farm/fresh food business in collaboration with our non-profit and gives them access to our network of supporters.

Farmer Holding Fruit
Farming Scene

Youth Program

Through our youth program, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at contemPLATE, Inc., and a source of much success for our Non-Profit Organization. CONTEMPLATE, Inc. efforts include increasing access to farm based therapies for our communities most under-served demographics. We envision a future where we can offer alternative agricultural therapy to create healing and growth for those in our community through hands-on educational programs. Through this program we can provide our surrounding community the benefit of better access to fresh food while also helping the at risk youth form a sense of purpose and pride.

Educational Opportunities for All

Our efforts are focused on inclusiveness and regenerative agriculture. Protecting green space and providing education to the community in an accessible location for at risk youth and all veterans creates a safe haven for food access. Utilizing educational labor, we will have the ability to provide fresh foods for a reasonable price. The veteran and youth interns will gain experience and therapeutic benefits from all aspects of farming, including pride in providing a superior, nutrient dense product to the general public.

We envision a future where we can offer agricultural education to create healing and growth for all of those in our community through hands-on programs including homesteading 101, whole animal butchery, hide tanning, mushroom hunting, foraging, charcuterie, fermentation, etc.

Community Garden
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